Elaine Hersby: Body language

TIME & DATE: Wednesday 8 August – 19.00
Words Elsebeth Mouritzen

Elaine Hersby has come a long way in the short time since she first presented her small collections as installations in unusual places like public baths a few seasons ago. Today was her first true runway show in a vast space, and she stayed true to her initial idea about women’s design: It should never restrict the body, but rather allow it to move freely.

While the models did the classic routine up and down the catwalk, three contemporary dancers in comfortable jersey shorts and t-shirts moved in a fluid choreography between black boxes placed in the middle. However, they never stole they show. The clothes took center stage.

They had the desired comfort and movement around the body, in soft linens and jerseys in the most simple designs you can imagine. Sometimes, it doesn’t take a lot of construction to make it work. Mostly shorter dresses, a few pants, and cute rombersuits bolstered her look of easy summer days in the city and at the beach stepping into the night, all the time in thick-soled white sneakers and tennis socks to match, as a stark contrast to the fresh and feminine palette of mostly corals, pinks, lemon yellows, and lilacs.

The uncomplex design of the dresses — with spaghetti (or broader) straps, one dress even with twisted silvery metal straps in collab with jewellery maker Katrine Nexø and flounces big and narrow, origami-folds, pleats, and knot-ties for tactile expressions in the simple fabrics — takes Elaine Hersby a step closer to her vision of liberated fashion for body-conscious young women.