Diesel joins The Fashion Pact

Following the recent launch of its For Responsible Living strategy, Copenhagen Fashion Week’s partner DIESEL takes a further step in their commitment, DIESEL just announced that it has joined The Fashion Pact — the global alliance of fashion brands committed to environmental goals.

Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel and President of its parent company OTB, states: “To change the way we do business, collaboration is key. We have been working with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana to progress the sustainability conversation in Italy for a long time, but we recognise our industry’s global footprint. I founded Diesel on the values of respect and responsibility and one of our biggest tasks is creating a sustainability culture throughout our entire organisation. I am looking forward to working with these stakeholders who believe that the future of fashion, and of our planet, lies in uniting under a common goal and setting out clear and actionable steps to leave a better world to the next generations.

Diesel For Responsible Living sustainability strategy is based on their four key pillars and commitments and the announcement and launch of this strategy marked the beginning of a significant journey that Diesel believes aligns with the objectives of the Fashion Pact, as they formally commit to implementing a responsible business strategy that is respectful of both people and the environment. Diesel’s sustainability strategy is centred around the following commitments:

Be the alternative
Diesel commits to creating alternative, responsible products and packaging by seeking out low impact materials and innovative techniques, investing in research and development, as well as to collaborating with others to find more sustainable solutions throughout all stages of their value chain.

Stand for the planet
Diesel commits to climate action and rising for environmental stewardship, by minimising their greenhouse gas emissions, reducing their water footprint and improving reuse and recycling rates across all Diesel operations.

Celebrate individuality
Diesel commits to developing a sustainability culture within the company, honouring employees’ rights and their diversity, which allow them to thrive, treating everyone equally, nurturing employees to fulfil their personal potential and promoting a safe work environment.

Promote integrity
Diesel commits to working towards the highest social and environmental standards throughout their supply chain by enhancing the traceability of their products and promoting positive practices amongst suppliers.

DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR is the first major initiative following DIESEL’s For Responsible Livingstrategy, where they will appoint different designers and creative minds for every new collection – with the aim to showcase how the concept and possibilities of upcycling can be interpreted through the creativity of different designers. Deadstock, archive pieces and prototypes were reworked to create completely reimagined designs, and with transparency becoming a growing focus, each piece of the first collection DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR 55DSL has a QR code that details the making of the garment, with a photographic timeline of all the processes involved. The very first collection is available from today on diesel.com, in select DIESEL flagship stores and in a network of select retailers worldwide. In the upcoming months, Diesel will define measurable targets to continually, and publicly,track progress to demonstrate their commitment to responsible business for future generations.