Copenhagen creative collective introduces contemporarymenswear brand SUNFLOWER in collaboration with composer August RosenbaumDesigned by a collective of menswear authorities who grew frustrated with passing fadsand fashion trends changing with each season, Sunflower brings the focus of modernmenswear back to the roots with their minimalistic high-end aesthetic and sustainableapproach to style and design.Sunflower is a curated wardrobe of modern menswear for men in search of style andlongevity. The collections are characterized by the founders minimalistic aesthetic idealand is underlined by their timeless designs and luxurious quality. The brand represents ayearning for something more lasting, real clothes made for men’s daily lives, and everypiece has this “je ne said pas quoi” that makes it so perfect and somehow obvious, whichis truly the most difficult balancing act when it comes to fashion.



Stina Vanessa


Show Spot SS20: 16 - 17 6 August 2019
Show Venue: TBA