Soulland was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2002. Through Soulland, Silas Adler, Creative Director and Jacob Kampp Berliner, CEO,present their take on the contemporary fashion brand. With design principles and aesthetics rooted in curiosity and research, Soulland produces high quality woman and menswear characterized by timelessness, contrast and an environmental conscience. 

Through its global network, Soulland strives to push fashion forward by promoting open-mindedness, responsible production and freedom in creativity. 

Throughout the years Soulland have collaborated with brands, stores and artists such as Nike, Playboy, M. André, Colette, Babar, 66 North, Bodega Rose, Charlie Roberts, Malin Gabriella Nordin and Olafur Eliasson. 

Soulland Spring/Summer 2020 – COMMUTERS TRILOGY vol. 001: POWER PEDESTRIANS.

The Commuters Trilogy uncovers the diverse modes of transportation that trend around the world. We investigate the impact of culture on the basic ways of commuting and how people utilize where they have been to get where they aim to go. 

For vol. 001, we have worked with the dynamics of being a pedestrian and the power of walking. In a series of field studies throughout the European capitals, we have gathered material on the cultural expressions of pedestrians: how their step tells their story. This has served as inspiration for product groups and color palettes in the SS20 Collection. 

Volume 001 of the Commuters Trilogy is divided in to 3 drops, landing in-stores throughout the spring of 2020. 

By invitation only.


Sales contact

Emil Kjeldsen


Show venue: Frederiksberg Alle 9, 1621 Copenhagen
Showroom: Forhåbningsholms Alle 4, 1904 Frederiksberg C