Mykke Hofmann

Mykke Hofmann was launched in 2017 by Sedina (Mykke) Halilovic and Jelena Hofmann – two friends who first met in high school, 20 years ago, and instantly felt connected. Not only by their Yugoslavian roots and mentality, but also by shared values and the idea of a modern woman: determined, uncompromisingly herself and proud of her femininity. 

The designers aim to dress women with an elegance that is as effortless as it is empowering, that makes them feel as beautiful and bold as they look, and that supports their confidence to pursue whatever they set their minds to.

Today, Mykke Hofmann is entering their fifth season with Pre Spring 2020. The brand is stocked in 40 stores in 14 countries. 

Sedina and Jelena follow a slow and fair fashion approach with designs that are made to last and support European craftsmanship Рthey run their own production site with about 40 seamstresses in Jelena’s hometown Belgrade, thus being in full control of the manufacturing process.



Tina Svolgard


Jelena Hofmann


Show Spot: 15 - 16 6 August
Show Venue: Amaliehaven, 1253 Copenhagen