Morten Ussing

Morten’s passion for apparel started young. As early as 5 years old, Morten taught himself how to sketch and stitch. At 14 he tailored his first vintage coat. He credits the strong women in his family who has instilled in him the love of art and creativity.

He attended two prestigious institutions to build his design foundation, Kolding School of Design, Denmark receiving a BFA Fashion and Central Saint Martins School, London receiving a MA in Womenswear. With his first collection in 2016, Morten’s vision was to create pieces that empowers women. Making them feel feminine, elegant, beautiful and bold. Morten adopts the Scandinavian minimalistic approach to create collections that are timeless yet modern. His collection encapsulates a graceful sophistication and always with an element of surprise.

By invitation only.



Show Spot: 13 -14 6 August 2019
Show Venue: Kinfolk Gallery, Amagertorv 14, 1st floor, 1160 Copenhagen
Showroom: Skindergade 31, 1, 1159