Emilie Helmstedt’s universe is colorful and playful. The concept is rather simple, refining luxurious loungewear and bringing it out of the bedroom. The collection is simple yet powerful, with silhouettes that are easy-to-wear and emphasize the beauty of the woman who wears. The silhouettes, voluminous and relaxed, are a signature in Helmstedt’s world and with detailing from 30s and 50s loungewear, comfort is key whether you wear it to bed or to a party.
The painter Poul Gernes who experimented with colors throughout his career is a huge inspiration when Helmstedt works with her exquisite color palette. The happiness that colors can bring to everyday life works almost like a mantra to the collection – which is why charmful is one of the first words that comes to mind when you lay eye on the textiles Which Emilie Helmstedt is painting herself. When you put on the designs it feels like you are wearing little pieces of joy.

The first collection was launched and sold exclusively in collaboration with Holly Golightly in Copenhagen.

Emilie is originally trained as a Taylor graduated in a early age of 20. Now studying at the Royal academy of fine arts.

“My dream is to merge art into clothing building up my universe slowly. I don’t work with trends. I work with my emotions and impulses. I follow my intention my vibrations and the colors leads the way”.

By invitation only.

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Show Spot: 9 - 10 7 August 2019
Show Venue: Prince’s Mansion, Ny Vestergade 10, 1471 Copenhagen
Showroom by appointment only: Etage Projects
Borgergade 15E, 1300 Copenhagen K
For press appointments please contact mikkel@emiliehelmstedt.com
For sales appointments please contact julie@emiliehelmstedt.com