Designers Remix

Designers Remix is a sustainable Danish fashion brand designed by Charlotte Eskildsen.

Charlotte Eskildsen has a sustainable approach to every aspect of the design process, she has a strong belief in using innovative high-quality sustainable materials, which underlines the experimental vibe in the creation of clothes with strong iconic silhouettes for a global audience.

Designers Remix was founded by creative director Charlotte Eskildsen and her husband and CEO, Niels Eskildsen. The brand started in 2002 remixing deadstock products following a sustainable philosophy.

Since then, they have successfully developed the company into an award winning global brand available in stores across Europe, the Middle East, Russia, USA, and Asia. Today Designers Remix has become a true favorite among several International influencers and celebrities.

By invitation only.



Thea Thunbo


Show Slot AW20:
10.00 - 11.00
Thursday 30 January 2020

Show Venue:
Terminalerne T1 & T2
Oceankaj 4 & 6, CPH Ø