As a united effort by Fredin and Bech, Blanche was launched in the late Danish spring of 2017, as a sustainable denim brand with an accompanying ready-to-wear collection.

The inaugural collection of Blanche landed at retailers in early 2018. The brand received following acclaim from the likes of Vogue, held its first runway show, ventured into wholesale across multiple markets and commenced sales relations with Moda Operandi along with joining both Tomorrow Showroom and Freudian Kicks.

Blanche combines wear for the modern woman and the act of making the right choices. Blanche is for women, by women. Blanche is timeless with a contemporary outlook. Blanche is organic quality that uses surplus and recycled fabrics across its supply chain. Blanche is colorful, brave and forever, all at once. Blanche is simple, eternal and made with an eye for quality. Blanche makes it easy for consumers to make the right decision. Blanche is artistic. Blanche is feminine. Blanche is French for white.

Blanche is Blanche.

By invitation only.



Thea Thunbo


Melissa Bech


Opening Show SS20: 9 - 10 6 August 2019
Show Venue: Søpavillonen, Gyldenløvesgade 24, 1369 Copenhagen
Showroom: Nytorv 19, 1450 Copenhagen