Design School Kolding: Hotness knows no gender

TIME & DATE: Tuesday 7 August – 14.00
PLACE: Bryghuspladsen 8
Words Sille Ugelvig

The new generation wants diversity. In a room full of fashionable young people, curious parents, and nervous newly grads Design School Kolding showed their SS19 show to promising standards.

A few select pieces by each of the ten designers proved that Design School Kolding knows what’s up in the fashion industry, envisioning a powerful future for the fashion identity of Denmark.

Denim, ruffles, silk, and transparent fabrics were mixed with pin-stripes, check patterns, as well as a great attention to details. Skilled tailoring was displayed in a diversity of the designers’ styles, with textures manipulated via draping and pleating techniques that made the collections something special, something educated.

Provocative designs, boys in dresses, and calm colours formed the illusion of a generation that doesn’t care about gender but about what’s hot and sexy. A sustainable approach was perhaps the only thing that all ten designers had in common, as made clear in the choice of fabrics. The show was kept in a minimalistic setting to make the different styles stand out and capture every detail crafted by the young talents.

There is no need to fear boredom in the Danish fashion industry’s future: It will be full of diverse and gender-fluid designs.

View all looks here.