“The Danish fashion scene is full of change and surprises”


In collaboration with Boozt Copenhagen Fashion Week has dived into a handful of brands from the SS19 calendar and asked them how it all started, about their thoughts on the Danish fashion industry – and or course: made them share their dreams and hopes for the future.

First up is designer and creative director for Munthe, Naja Munthe, who finds inspiration in everything from art to an interesting conversation and loves how the Danish fashion scene is associated with exciting fashion.

How would you describe the Danish fashion scene right now?

The Danish fashion scene is fortunately full of change and surprises. New brands appears all the time and more experienced brands change strategy and expression. However, there is no doubt that it is an industry that is constantly fighting for market share and the competition is huge

When developing a new collection – where do you find inspiration?

It’s a funny thing with inspiration: it can come from anywhere and therefore you can´t exclude anything. It is obvious that you can get inspiration from the art world, exhibitions, other designers through times, film, fabricfairs etc. But I also experience inspiration in a conversation with other creative people, something they say can trigger an inspiration in me. I can see a person on the street in an old sweater, which has a beautiful motif. It could also be a sticker, a children’s shirt, a ceramic mug … almost anything.


What was your first personal experience with Danish fashion?

Munthe was one of the first, younger brands on the market when it appeared almost 25 years ago. There was not a real fashionscene at that time and there was no fashion week. So my experience was a bit of a solo experience.

What has been the most remarkable change on the Danish fashion scene since you entered it?

The fashionscene now is huge and relatively united. We have succeeded in making Denmark a country people associate with exciting fashion, where prices, quality and functionality are aligned with the design.

Looking five years into the crystal ball, what is then your dream for Munthe?

I have no doubt that in 5 years, MUNTHE has grown significantly. Our entire strategy of growing and making the brand awareness bigger is already in implemented and there is a clear vision of how we want to position ourselves.

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