Daniel Hummel: “HAN Kjøbenhavn puts the pedal to the metal”

Words Sofie Ringtved Jensen

The CEO of HAN Kjøbenhavn is ready for his second season heading the Danish fashion company. A season that will showcase the strength of HAN Kjøbenhavn, whose business development keeps accelerating.

Many steps have been taken forward at the Danish brand HAN Kjøbenhavn in the past year. In May, founder Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen acquired full ownership of the business, and in June, Daniel Hummel was selected as the new CEO and partner, after which the brand, in August, got ready for its first fashion week with new management. This spelled many new impressions for Hummel, a former Falck executive, at the same time as HAN Kjøbenhavn was expanding beyond its established repertoire with a novel collection of clothing for women.

Finally, then, a sense of calm befalls the business. So says Daniel Hummel, who has not exactly hit the hammock since assuming the CEO chair seven months ago. Since last season, he has been busy driving an overhaul of the business, particularly its administrative parts.

“It has been a good half-year for HAN Kjøbenhavn. We’ve increased our pace, and focused on developing the business toward a stronger stance than last fashion week. And I think we have succeeded. This time around, we are better prepared, with a stronger sales team, a clearer and longer-term strategy, and a closer relation with our wholesale customers,” says the executive, who due to a career invested in other business fields spent much of the previous season absorbing and listening. Learning the ropes. A tact that evidently has borne fruit.

“HAN Kjøbenhavn’s strength has always been its creativity. Administrative aspects, meanwhile, have lagged behind. So to move forward, pursuing a business strategy that matches the creative force of the company, providing the framework for its expression, has been paramount. We have focused on taking the company to a new caliber of management, and getting there has been a key accomplishment. HAN Kjøbenhavn is in terrific shape right now,” he says.



Great potential

According to Hummel, this fashion week should be focused on the customers. On being receptive to and acting on the feedback they give the brand. Yet longer-term plans are written on the HAN Kjøbenhavn wall as well.

“We believe that HAN Kjøbenhavn has the potential to truly accelerate as a company internationally. And we’re ready to put the pedal to the metal for that to happen. We will be focusing sharply on our core markets, including Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Holland, and of course Scandinavia,” says Hummel, who emphasizes the goal of strengthening these markets as a means toward international growth.

Beyond this, the brand is progressing with a womenswear collection, introduced last August and hitting stores earlier this month. According to Daniel Hummel, expanding to a female audience was the right choice, as the response has surpassed expectations.

“Opening up to a female audience has been a natural development for the business. Women add a new dimension to the brand, and can expand our creative universe,” he says, obviously optimistic on behalf on the new and improved HAN Kjøbenhavn, in which he does, however, see room for improvement.

“We are beginning to see the results of our strategy’s first phase. We are heading in the right direction, and we are stronger than we were half a year ago. We are still working on strengthening the business, creating a better structure for it. And our sleeves are undoubtedly rolled up.”