Dancing diversity – Elaine Hersby

Words Sille Ugelvig

High slits, big ruffles, and bold colors were the key elements to Elaine Hersby’s A/W 18 show. The crowd was pushed out to the sides, creating a large stage in the middle of the room for the models to dance freely. Upbeat music with a deep bass started off a fashion show that transformed into performance art, touting the clothing’s flexibility.

Elaine Hersby confronted the never-ending discussion of model size by choosing diverse ones with curves, varying heights, and natural looks. A liberating choice that drew cheers as the models danced down the runway.

Styles allowed for dance: contemporary house and hip hop. Asymmetrical silhouettes were made into long sweatshirts, satin dresses, and a leather coat with furry details. The textures were manipulated with rushing, draping, and pleating techniques, making the collection something special.

Such art of performance fit Elaine Hersbys’ collection perfectly. It shouted freedom of the body’s movements.

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