Daily Designer – Cecilie Bahnsen

Words Sille Ugelvig

How do you prepare for Fashion Week?

My team and I have been working on the collection months ahead of the AW18 fashion show. We make our samples and create the collection together in Denmark. It is a long but really nice process, in which we are able to be creative and use the materials, and feel the collection take its shape towards the show.


How is this collection distinct from others?

My collections are always a development of previous ones. I change the materials, structures, and create new silhouettes. And for this AW18 fashion week, you will see other items than dresses on the catwalk. We have created some beautiful knits and jackets that go along with the feminine dresses. If I were to describe the collection in few words, I would say it has great love for detail and craft, especially feminine details.


What do you hope to achieve with your show at CFW?

We hope to be able to maintain a momentum in the fashion industry and make clothing that people from Denmark and the rest of the world think is beautiful. Clothing they would like to wear.


What is your favorite item from this collection?

My favorite item must be the new knits, I am really happy about them. They inject a dose of masculinity in the feminine collection.