Daily designer: Baum und Pferdgarden

Words Sille Ugelvig

How do you prepare for Fashion Week?

It is all about teamwork. Teamwork and keeping calm. We are very close at our headquarters, and everyone is a part of the preparation for fashion week. It is important for us to really join forces and make sure that every department is working well. For us, it is also vital to sit down and breathe now and then. The great thing about being two is that you have the possibility of sharing your thoughts, worries, and ideas. That is much needed in a time like this.


How is this collection distinct from others?

This collection is very much inspired by what happens when you dissolve the boundaries on what defines the universes of feminine and masculine. We have been inspired by the style of the late 80s, and the concept of “Working Girl.” A time when women broke through the male-dominated business world, wearing broad-shouldered suits and voluminous silk-shirts. This creates a collection full of contrast.


What do you hope to achieve with your show at CFW?

We hope to inspire and make our universe clear through our show. We are evolving immensely and this show is the result of new ideas and visions for Baum und Pferdgarten.


What is your favorite item from this collection?

A pair of black and white checkered pants in a coat fabric.