Cuts of Frankenstein – Freya Dalsjø

Words Lotte Freddie 

“I cannot be bothered with requests to make something cheaper, of lesser quality, or to think only in commercial ways. I love to have my own creative universe in which I create what I feel, and ignore the easy ways out,” one of Denmark’s most forward-thinking designers says. 

Dalsjø’s A/W 18 collection, held in blacks, greys, and cold bronze, is based on twisting a classic wardrobe. That means silk or cotton shirts with raw seams sewn together on top of each other, so you can drape or tie them into another look. It means a super-cool trench-coat cut down over the shoulders with the rest of it buttoned up underneath. “Frankensteinish,” Freya calls the cut.

It means jackets with double sleeves that can be buttoned on or off, and golden, colored blazers cut with a contrasting black lower half which manage to strike the right balance. It is centuries away from plain design, spelling exciting clothes that appeal to fashion-intellectual women. The ones who appreciate design with a large D.

Semi-nude grey patchwork blouses made from stockings alternated with grey rubberized pleated maxi skirts in the show, which also featured a jacket with matching pleated peplum. Thanks to a yellow short underskirt, transparent white pleated midi skirts looked decent. Meanwhile, black narrow leather jeans, stitched with white piping, were absolutely fab, as were Dalsjø’s new cowboy boots in black calf or brown python. Freya is all her own.

Avant-garde clothes for connoisseurs who like to actually use their wardrobe.