A creepy kind of sanity – Han Kjøbenhavn

Words Pernile Hammershøj

Yes, we are all different. And we have the right to express it. For AW18, Han Kjøbenhavn tried to communicate that message with a catwalk blend of female and male models walking around a white cage, in which (almost) naked men were kept as “prisoners.” Above their heads, painted white dolls were hanging from wires, giving the setting a creepy feel.

The dolls symbolize a childish vibe, Jannick Davidsen, owner and founder of the brand, told CFW Daily after the show. “Don’t always choose the path first given to you. Find your inner child and act as if you were trying out things for the first time.”

In other words, Jannick Davidsen wants us to be imperfect – hence the name of the collection, “imperfect sanity”. But there is a great deal of sanity behind Han Kjøbenhavn’s notable shows. Because how do you make noise around rather plain and tasteful styles?

By designing wearable clothes for her and him, they seem to answer, presenting shows that make people talk. And that includes bizarre hanging scenes.

As for the clothes: They were made to fight the rainy and windy Danish winter. Polyester blends were mixed with denim and neon yellow, green cowboy boots made sure that feet were kept warm, and long mens’ coats made their own statement. Layers, it seemed, were key, as rain pants were styled on the outside of jeans. Han Kjøbenhavn delivered a show of “ugly cool” spiced up by showpieces and the creepiness we have become used to.