Copenhagen Fashion Week teams up with CPH:DOX for the screening of three very special fashion films, telling important stories from the past century in fashion and shedding light on crucial parts of the history and development of how fashion stories are told. Through beautiful and tender personal stories, these films give you a real and raw look at some of the most prominent people in the fashion industry.


Roy Halston Frowick was America’s first celebrity designer, and put US fashion on the global map with his eponymous label Halston — a label famous for its glittering dresses, worn by style icons from Elizabeth Taylor to Jackie Kennedy.

The movie delicately depicts his life story in a dramatic and visually outstanding way, telling the story of the transition from classic Hollywood elegance to the extravagant wild nightlife of the 1970s. Halston himself became as well known as his designes, with his Studio 54 antics and famous friends becoming synonymous with wild Seventies New York nightlife. It’s also the story about the greatness and fall of the revolutionary fashion house — told here, for the very first time, by Frédéric Tcheng, the director behind Dior and I

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The Disappearance of My Mother

Benedetta Barzini, wants to disappear. A former international fashion model, actor, radical Marxist, feminist, and mother of four, Benedetta has had enough and announces that she wants to leave, but her son Benjamin refuses to let go of her. This beautiful story is told through his camera, where he films himself and her, offering an intimate look at the relationship between a mother and her son: a turbulent, loving, and captivating story.

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Peter Lindbergh – Women’s Stories

In this beautiful, tender, and insightful movie, it is not him, but the women in his life, who unfolds the narrative, where we through archive footage and hundreds of images are given a unique insight into Peter the man and Lindbergh the artist, as well as the beauty of the small things in life, about choosing to capture them on film and giving them eternal life. 

Known for his memorable cinematic images, Peter Lindbergh is recognised as one of the most influential contemporary photographers. Considered a pioneer in photography, he introduced a form of new realism by redefining the standards of beauty with timeless images. His humanist approach and idealisation of women sets him apart from the other photographers as he privileges the soul and the personality, and introduced a strong narrative to fashion editorials.

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Watch Peter Lindbergh – Women’s Stories, The Disappearance of My Mother, and Halston at CHP:DOX with introductions by Cecilie Thorsmark, and a Q&A with the respective directors and fashion journalists from the industry.