CPH:DOX Martin Margiela: In His Own Words

Copenhagen Fashion Week teams up with CPH:DOX for the screening of Martin Margiela: In His Own Words — exploring the story behind the iconic designer and his impact on the industry. 

Martin Margiela remains a mystery to many. Choosing to remain anonymous early in his career, the designer is now inviting us into his studio — and his mind — with Margiela himself as our audio guide. When Martin Margiela had his breakthrough in the 1990s, he was so far ahead of everyone else that some say the rest of the world is still trying to catch up. With the mind of an artist and unique ability to turn everything on its head with simple yet brilliant means, the film is deeply inspiring far beyond the fashion world. It’s a film for everyone who is interested in radical creativity and breaking the invisible boundaries of tradition and expectation.

Following the screening, CPH:DOX and Normann Copenhagen will host a panel talk with invited industry experts to elaborate and shed light on the history and development of Martin Margiela’s career and designs as well as his impact on the industry. The panel talk will be hosted at the beautiful Social Cinema at Kunsthal Charlottenborg and includes names like Else Skjold, associate professor at KADK, Ane Lynge-Jorlén, director at Designer’s Nest and the movie’s director Reiner Holzemer.

Watch Martin Margiela: In His Own Words and the following panel talk at CPH:DOX on Saturday 21 March at 16:45-19:00. Secure your tickets right here and explore the rest of the program here.