Copenhagen Guide: H15

Copenhagen Guide


Behind Copenhagen Central Station you will find a new open-to-public building seeking to lift up this most shady part of the city, which holds the dubious honour of having Northern Europe’s greatest concentration of drug addicts. One of the six owners call it “a social interest” because of the different opportunities the building, located next door to the world’s biggest supervised injection site, offers. In the near future, you can shop for groceries, grab a cup of coffee or lunch, and go to a concert in the evening — all in the same house.

You will experience “the real” Copenhagen which is both fancy but also filled with common people as well as vulnerable people. Hospitality in the truest sense is the word for this place, because of the desire to help redress the number of addicted people and create a public scene in the middle of Copenhagen that offers everything from grocery shopping, cafeteria, jazz music and much more. If you are not among the chosen few invited to the Dansk dinner Friday, go visit ‘Kødbyen’ and H15 and capture an atmosphere not seen anywhere else any other day soon.

H15, Halmtorvet 15,
Copenhagen V