Copenhagen Guide: Andersen & Maillard

Copenhagen Guide

Words: Sille Ugelvig

Andersen & Maillard  

Also a fan of coffee and desserts? Then Andersen and Maillard on Nørrebrogade is a must. The coffee-bar-slash-roasting-house, they put love into the entire process from beans to roastery to brewed coffee.

As soon as you enter the former bank building, a lovely coffee aroma lures you on, and in the far end of the café, you will find a huge coffee roaster surrounded by coffee beans in the original bags. Besides coffee, he renowned dessert chef Milton Abel makes the most amazing gourmet-worthy desserts and cakes – only cheaper and bigger! The passion for coffee and pastry is unmistakable, and as one of the owners very politely said: “We are just doing our best.” We can assure you that their best is more than okay.

Andersen & Maillard, Nørrebrogade 62, Copenhagen