Copenhagen Fashion Week partners with luxury fashion community Vestiaire Collective

Copenhagen Fashion Week is pleased to announce that we are entering a partnership with Vestiaire Collective — the leading global community for premium and luxury pre-owned fashion.

Encouraging consumers to refresh their wardrobes with unique and one-off pieces, whilst selling items lying unworn in their own wardrobes, Vestiaire shares Copenhagen Fashion Week’s values of sustainability. With a key focus on circularity, Vestiaire Collective allows unworn pieces a new, vibrant life in someone else wardrobe, and is an important step in the direction making the fashion industry more sustainable.

A big part of changing our habits of over consumption is becoming more conscious of the life of a garment, not only the supply chain, but what happens after our style or preference has developed past it. High end and luxury items are among the least likely to end up in landfills, but a conscious, circular approach to fashion where the life of a garment is extended by being given a fresh start with someone else instead of collecting dust in the back of a wardrobe, is ultimately having an effect on both our mindset and habits, as well as the environment. Vestiaire’s platform is unique because of its carefully curated catalogue of premium and luxury items, that once sold are expertly checked for quality and authenticity.

Joining forces with Vestiaire, Copenhagen Fashion Week hopes to inspire local and international guests at Copenhagen Fashion Week to take part in loaning a mix of vintage, pre-loved and local brand pieces to wear to the shows.

“We are thrilled to partner with CPHFW on their mission to create the most sustainable fashion week. Circularity is becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry and it’s great to see how CPHFW are truly focusing their efforts on driving change. Vestiaire Collective are pleased to support such an exciting initiative and encourage a wider audience to wear more pre-loved pieces through our presence at the event,” states Sophie Hersan, co-founder of Vestiaire Collective.

“We are very excited to partner with Vestiaire Collective and together strengthen the reach and impact of our shared vision of sustainability in the fashion industry. Copenhagen Fashion Week is currently on a journey to intensify our sustainability efforts — both as an event and as an industry platform, and joining forces with a pioneering and inspiring international company like Vestiaire Collective opens up for many interesting opportunities in relation to the further development of our fashion week,” states Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week.