Copenhagen Fashion Week launches Sustainability Action Plan 2020-2022

Today Copenhagen Fashion Week unveiled its anticipated Sustainability Action Plan 2020-2022, which is designed to reinforce the event’s sustainability profile and, more importantly, to push the industry to accelerate its sustainability efforts.

Today, 28 January 2020, at a press conference just before the official opening show of Copenhagen Fashion Week, CEO Cecilie Thorsmark, unveiled the new Sustainability Action Plan 2020-2022: Reinventing Copenhagen Fashion Week – Reducing negative impacts, innovating our business model and accelerating industry change.

“All industry players – including fashion weeks – have to be accountable for their actions and be willing to change the way business is done. The timeframe for averting the devastating effects of climate change on the planet and people is less than a decade, and we’re already witnessing its catastrophic impacts today. Put simply, there can be no status quo,” urges Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week, adding:

“Copenhagen Fashion Week is the cultural and commercial meeting place of the Scandinavian fashion industry. This gives us an enormous responsibility and the potential to create impactful change in the industry at large. By taking this direction we go from being a traditional event to being a platform for industry change.” 

Sustainability Action Plan 2020-2022 was developed with contributions from industry experts and presents how the event will transition to becoming more sustainable, for example by reducing its climate impact by 50% and rethinking waste systems in all aspects of event production, with zero waste as the goal by 2022. Importantly, the plan also focuses on the bigger picture by outlining how Copenhagen Fashion Week will implement sustainability requirements and set new standards for participation to push the industry toward necessary, comprehensive change. Copenhagen Fashion Week will continue to develop its strategic commitment to sustainability and engage partners, other fashion weeks and the industry in an ongoing process to support the industry in changing the system.

Download the Sustainability Action Plan here and read about the requirements that will be rolled out in 2023.