Copenhagen Fashion Week introduces a venue deadline

In order to optimise the flow between shows, Copenhagen Fashion Week is introducing new initiatives effective as of the AW20 edition of fashion week.

Copenhagen Fashion Week honours the role we play in providing the best possible circumstances for all shows and presentations to reach their full potential. One of the new initiatives is a venue deadline which will allow for better planning of the official schedule as well as aim for increased geographical proximity of shows and presentations, creating a better experience for both brands and guests.

Brands that haven’t provided us with information about their venue by this date, will be given a show/presentation time that will remain provisional until we receive the venue information. A final confirmation of the show/presentation time can therefore not be provided until the venue information is known to us. The venue deadline is the first of multiple initiatives set in place to optimise the flow and minimise delays of the official schedule and enhance the overall experience of Copenhagen Fashion Week. We are looking forward to an even better season than the last!

Read more about the venue deadline and how to apply for Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20.

25 November, 2019

23 October, 2019