A closer look on fashion’s new gen


By Susanne Kinnerup Andersen

The green hotel lobby at Skt. Petri is no stranger to fashionable outfits, for which it often serves as the perfect backdrop. But whereas fashionistas most often drift in and out of the hotel, a new exhibition now offers a closer look on the works of fashion’s new generation. 


While next year’s trends are cruising down runways all over Copenhagen, a new exhibition invites you to slow down and examine the ideas and techniques of the next generation of fashion designers. Once again, Skt. Petri features the graduate collections from students from KADK – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, this time the BA students. And you are in for a sight!

“The graduates have been working very conceptually with their collections. We have all worked with political themes and are questioning matters such as gender and identity: Should fashion be gendered? What is identity?”, tells Sophie Appelbäck, KADK-student and main person responsible for the exhibition.

The exhibition is a perfect example of how fashion often has more to offer than what at first glance meets the eye.

“The majority of the students have something they want to comment on or question with their very personal projects. My hope is that people will start to think about the fashion industry in a new way after experiencing the exhibition,” ends Sophie Appelbäck.

The KADK exhibition is divided in two parts: From August 4.-7., the exhibition displays different projects made throughout the students’ BA education.
From August 7.-12. the exhibition displays the final BA projects shown at the show held during Copenhagen Fashion Week on August 7.

The exhibition has free entrance.

Address: Skt. Petri, Krystalgade 22, 1172 Copenhagen