Cecilie Bahnsen: Romantic volumes

TIME & DATE: Wednesday 8 August – 16.00
Words Lotte Freddie

Cecilie Bahnsen is in a league of her own. 

In the course of three years after establishing her own brand she has received The Danish Design Talent Prize, The Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize, The Crown Prince and Crown Princesse’s Stardust Prize, been a finalist in Louis Vuitton’s Talent competition, and now sells her designs in 45 exquisite stores in 20 countries.

She is especially big in Japan, where the petite avant-garde Japanese women adore Bahnsen’s voluminous shapes. These are, for the SS19 collection, true to her DNA. The designer’s signature large puff sleeves and bellowing bell-shaped skirts were made in the most fantastic of materials, a specialty that she develops with her Swiss producers: Coloured lace – lime, rose, baby blue and navy; or rose, white and yellow — and organza shaved and cut into stripes of tiny silk thread bows.

White was the main theme. Worked in organza, pleated horizontally in different widths; in heavy silk cloquè or matlassé quilted into squares or flowers  and in crisp cotton swaying down the factory floor over heavy black sandals.

The whites have a vintage feel – like old Swedish Bergman movies, with young Edwardian women strolling on the lawn. Or Astrid Lindgren’s children playing in the garden. 

The look is sumptuous, very romantic, very feminine; yet bare-backed vests tied with narrow strings, inspired by English school uniforms, can be used with a T-shirt for everyday occasions. Especially delightful are borders made of tiny white, navy, yellow, and lime pearls. They are by “Margrethe’s Pearls”, a 13-year-old girl Cecilie found on Instagram. It is all to die for, no zips, pockets in everything – who wouldn’t kill for a Cecilia Bahnsen bell skirt? Caroline Bracht doesn’t have to. She is getting married in the dress she wore at the show.