Every Saturday you have the chance to indugle in Tea Wonderland by Moët x Petri when we serve a delightful twist on the classic afternoon tea inspired by Copenhagen’s quirky Latin Quarter.


Copenhagen Fashion Week is happy to announce itspartnership with GreenMobility for the AW19 season. GreenMobility will help our VIP guests from show to show in their green energy driven cars.

When two become one

Every day, awareness about second-hand shopping and sustainability is increasing – both when it comes to big companies and end-consumers. That’s why second-hand platform Tradono is determined to make the second-hand experience easier every step of the way for customers.

CARLSBERG BYEN: The new area in town

Back in 2013, when the Carlsberg site was still just a small independent part of Copenhagen, primarily made of old and historical brewery factories, we couldn’t have imagined the development that has happened during the last five years.