Cartoon brutality – HÆRVÆRK

Words Celine Syverud

Hærværk, the rebellious youth brand that represents the dusky and industrial areas of Copenhagen, set its show in an unexposed space of Bella Center for this year’s collection, titled ‘Volume 4’. The sound of a clock ticking in the back and muddy tracks on the floor projected a fictional imagery of provocation. A scene ready to take off.

As in previous seasons, the collection consisted of a bright color scheme as well as the brand’s signature oversized silhouettes and manipulated textiles. Baggy trousers and bold backpacks appeared in raw tarpaulin and glossy plastic to mimic the appearance of rusty containers and wet asphalt. Light-weight nylon, meanwhile, formed unexpected and odd shapes that looked exaggerated and over-dimensional.

The recreation of the childlike and playful aspects of Hærværk was enhanced by the LEGO-inspired palette, in contrasting yellow, green, blue, and red, on chalky white. The blocked colors were introduced on sweatshirts and bomber jackets through graphical prints and geometrical shapes, while simple black stood as a singular, embracing the darker, more mysterious corners of the collection.

The cartoonish clothing communicated an idea of a fictional destructive gang. A social construct that has led Hærværk to somewhere unique, facing the brutality of reality.


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