Carcel opens Copenhagen Fashion Week with their debuting show

Presenting the first show of the new decade and officially opening the coming Copenhagen Fashion Week is sustainability-driven brand Carcel — who is also making their debut.

With an ambition to change the current pace and structure of the fashion industry, Carcel never felt that participating at a fashion week was the natural choice. Working on material lines rather than seasonal collections and focusing on collaborating with retailers that share their vision, the traditional way of presenting collections at a fashion week posed a constriction. But the shift in Copenhagen Fashion Week’s focus on sustainability and rethinking of the format and systems the fashion weeks are built on has created an important momentum that Carcel wants to contribute to. 

Veronica d’Souza, CEO at Carcel states:
“Copenhagen Fashion Week is the strongest platform in the Nordics to showcase what you stand for as a brand. Now that sustainability is a strong strategic focus for the event, we feel there is a match. We are very honoured to get to open Copenhagen Fashion Week and together with our creative partners we hope to create a both beautiful and meaningful experience to remember.”

Known for their unique business model and characteristic aesthetic, Carcel has created an innovative and sustainable fashion label focused on creating change. With the ambition to improve the lives of incarcerated women, their silk and knitted designs are made by women in prisons in Peru and Thailand. Carcel has also prioritised having control over their entire supply chain through producing in their own production facilities and hence ensuring that they can take responsibility for working conditions, wages and production method.

Trying to rethink their supply chain and inspire change while simultaneously combatting apathy and climate anxiety, Carcel aims to communicate their ambitions in a way that is tangible and relatable. Veronica’s dogmatic approach to business and her enthusiasm for the activism and guiding principles Carcel is working with is contagious. She is ambitious and humble, and fiercely believes in what she stands for. Being completely transparent about all parts of her business, Veronica hopes to invite conversation and understanding — not only for the choices that Carcel makes, but also the choices they actively don’t make, which is a particularly important example to set for designers who are just starting out. 

“Young brands have a lot of power when it comes to initiating and inspiring change. It is easier to start out making good choices than to turn a tank ship around. We need new solutions, new business models and a new mindset. The young brands need to dare to take the leading roles as guinea pigs — trial and error, and experiment rapidly, so the larger industry can adopt the best solutions and accelerate change quickly,” Veronica underlines.

Carcel recently won the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize, as well as EY’s Entrepreneur Of The Year in the category Social Entrepreneurship and Nina Wedel-Wedellsborg from Magasin du Nord Fonden, who founded the honourable fashion prize in 2012, states:  

“Carcel’s approach to fashion is not just innovative, but also, in the context of the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize, the most socially responsible, relevant, humanitarian and sustainable brand in 2019. With a strong and unique storytelling, built on an incredible mission to improve the lives of women on a global scale, Carcel is the image of how brands should exist and operate today. The world might not need yet another fashion brand, but the world would without doubt be poorer without Carcel.”

Carcel will host two shows at Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20. Apart from the opening show, they are also hosting a show in the afternoon that is open to all.

Carcel will officially open Copenhagen Fashion Week on Tuesday 28 January at 10am in collaboration with artist Kristian Kirk. The second show, open to all, takes place on Tuesday 28 January 5pm, at the same venue: The Lab, Studio 07, Vermundsgade 40B, KBH. 

The tickets for the second show will be published on Carcel’s instagram from 21 January. RSVP confirmation is needed because of limited seats — first come first served. 

See the full AW20 schedule here.
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