Car sharing with the new Volvo XC40



The car-sharing system in the new Volvo XC40 makes it a convenient part of your life.

Share with whomever, wherever

At Volvo, we want to make life less complicated by forging connections between technology’s endless possibilities and the way people live their lives.

That’s why we think it makes perfectly great sense to give you an easy way to share your car with friends and family. With the Volvo On Call-app, you can give another person access to your car, no matter where you or they are. Everything works digitally, so you don’t even have to meet in person to entrust them with a key. This means that you can grant full access to your car to a friend, colleague, or family member, while at work or out in the night — still keeping the keys in your pocket.

Once you grant others access to your car through the Volvo On Call-app, they will be able to control the heating system and find their way to the car via GPS.

The car-sharing system is one of the many features that make the new Volvo XC40 a convenient part of your life, both at and off work.