Casper Schandorff, owner Project 4

Words Pernille Hammershøj

Which fairs will you be visiting during the CPHFW AW18-season?

I will be visiting Revolver and CIFF, and of course independent showrooms.


What kinds of brands do you look for when selecting what to buy for Project 4? 

We always look for brands that tell a story. It can be how the brand is developed or founded, or how it is made. But we also look for those key elements that can bring something new to the store, remaining within that thin red line that fits in with the rest of our selection of brands.


What is the best thing about the fairs at CPHFW?

It’s the vibe. Meeting new people and contacts and seeing the results from many of our suppliers. Hard work coming to life in the new collections.


Your best advice to “survive” a full day of visiting the fairs at CPHFW?

Be focused, think beforehand what you need, and remember to drink lots of water during the day. At nighttime, you will likely find you self attending a late party somewhere.”