Wood Wood

Wood Wood Brand Image AW23

Based in Copenhagen, Wood Wood is a contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand founded in 2002.


Since 2002, Wood Wood’s ambition has been to influence culture through contemporary, accessible streetwear and community-driven projects. To elevate the brand’s purpose, Wood Wood engages in special collaborations with established brands and independent artists to develop products and non-commercial activations — with each project encompassing live and digital experiences.

Wood Wood was founded in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, by Brian SS Jensen and Karl-Oskar Olsen and has since expanded to include stores in Aarhus, Berlin and London. All of these locations are integral to the Wood Wood community, which continues to evolve through local involvement.


Wood Wood strives to produce products that its customers can trust, both in terms of form and fashion. Driven by the ethos of quality over fast fashion, the brand aims to create high-quality items that can be used time and again, and that are repaired and cared for up until the end of use to maintain a closed-loop system.

Transparency sits at the core of Wood Wood’s responsibility plan, which means allowing customers to have insight into the company’s working practices and sustainability efforts.

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  • AW23 Runway