Wood Wood

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Based in Copenhagen, Wood Wood is a contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand founded in 2002. Co-founders, Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen, continue to direct Wood Wood.

Wood Wood is a sub-culturally founded lifestyle brand, which evolved around graffiti and ’90s street culture. Since the beginning, the collections have reflected an influence from sports, art, music and various eras of youth culture. Wood Wood balances expression and function, and it best describes as contemporary streetwear combined with a strong sports component. The Wood Wood collections have evolved into tailored and sophisticated expressions while keeping their playful graphic profile that often revolves around juxtapositions and iconography.

“Wood Wood is much more than a brand. It’s about style and attitude. We were raised with the desire to evolve constantly, and we’ll keep on taking the brand even further by combining elements of underground and high-end into our very own aesthetic." Karl-Oskar Olsen, Co-founder and Creative Director.

Through an outwards and exploratory approach, Wood Wood has engaged in a multitude of partnerships. Throughout the years, Wood Wood has made more than 50 collaborations with renowned global brands such as Nike, Lego, Barbour, Disney and Adidas as well as niche brands and artists such as Peter Sutherland, Elmgreen & Dragset, So-Me and Fuzi Uvtpk. Renowned stores across the world stock Wood Wood collections and the continuously evolving list includes the likes of End Clothing, Le Bon Marche, Need Supply, Liberty, Au Pont Rouge, Galeries Lafayette Paris, Aplace , Harvey Nichols, Yme, Hanon Shop, Unger and Department.


The inevitable goal of Wood Wood is to become a certified B-corporation, balancing purpose and profit. That achievement demands continuous improvement. Legally, to qualify as a B-corporation, the company must consider the impact of our decisions on workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. During the past year, Wood Wood have identified several areas, upon which they need to act. Wood Wood created the take-back program, Artefact, which they will lead to limited excess, engagement and dialogue with the Wood Wood community. Wood Wood changed their denim production as a means to lessen the impact. Now, Wood Wood reduce the water consumption by 15 to 20 litres for each produced item. Subsequently, Wood Wood became GOTS certified, ensuring the use of organic cotton aligns with environmental and toxicological standards. In 2019, Wood Wood took part in SDG Accelerator, a UNDP programme funded by the Danish Industry Foundation aiming to accelerate business solutions with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Realising that the company faced severe consequences as a clothing manufacturer Wood Wood not only recognise the importance of acting fast, but also acknowledging they have just begun their journey.

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