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Schnayderman's is an acclaimed Stockholm-based brand. A modern clothing label that goes its own way and does so with a meaningful approach.

Schnayderman's is an acclaimed Stockholm-based brand that started its journey with shirts and have today grown into complete collections of contemporary wardrobe essentials. A modern clothing label that goes its own way and does so with a meaningful approach. Our collections feature a range of outerwear, overshirts, shirts, jersey, knitwear and trousers. The Schnayderman's customers are creators of their own path with a thoughtful approach.

Schnayderman’s was founded in 2012 by Joel Urwitz and Victor Press out of the urge to create the perfect casual shirt. The name Schnayderman's originates from Jiddisch and was the last name given to a person working as a tailor in Eastern Europe during the old days and symbolizes perfection as a trade. Today Schnayderman’s is led by Creative Director Hampus Bernhoff.

With around 40 third party premium multi-brand stores in 13 countries, Schnayderman's is continuously growing, gathering a strong international following. The brand is also available on and at the flagship store located on Mäster Samuelsgatan 10 in Stockholm.


Schnayderman's believe in making garments that stand the test of time and improve the more they are worn. Therefore, the designs are not only timeless, but of the highest quality. All the fabrics produced are made in Europe and we keep our manufacturing as close to us as possible. Schnayderman's have built long lasting relationships with thier suppliers, who are based solely in Europe, with their factories situated in Italy and Portugal.

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