SS23 Copenhagen Fashion Week Schnaydermans Backstage 65

Schnayderman’s creates collections for the Weird and the Wonderful.


The thoughtful designs envision a world where the Weird and the Wonderful are not only necessary, but celebrated. It is the Weird and the Wonderful who drive things forward with new ideas for how to consider not only the world, but ourselves. You decide who you are, and nowhere else is this more fitting than among the Weird and the Wonderful. They question the norm, simply by being themselves.

Schnayderman’s are all about collaboration, simply put – one cannot win alone. That is why their inspired designs recycle human collaborative values such as kindness, truth, and inclusion to dress the Weird and the Wonderful of the world.


Schnayderman's designs are timeless and of the highest quality. They believe in making garments that are able to stand the test of time and get better the more they are worn.

To minimize their carbon footprint, they keep their manufacturing as close to them as possible, currently producing in Italy, Portugal and Sweden. They build long lasting relationships with their suppliers to secure social and environmental sustainability.

Schnayderman's goal is that every meter of fabric that has been woven is utilized for a garment and that every garment finds a home within the three coming seasons at the latest.

Every item and fabric that has not found a home by the third season will be upcycled or recycled in their capsule collection GIT-OYG. Through GIT-OYG Schnayderman's reduce the need for new resources to minimize their consumption and waste management, as well as bring new life to garments that would otherwise not see the light of day.

Read more about Schnayderman's dedication to sustainability.

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