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P.L.N. was founded in 2020 by Peter Lundvald Nielsen and then officially launched in August 2021 with the brand's first collection (COLLECTION I).


i-D Magazine mentioned P.L.N. to be one of the best collections presented under CPHFW SS23. Since then, P.L.N. has received wide interest from both leading dealers, intl. press as well as recognized creative actors.

P.L.N. is a very personal project based on exploring a raw and uncompromising visual expression. The designer's ideas and personal tastes form the foundation of the creative process.

Here, European punk culture is mixed, with references to workwear, Goth and antique religious attire in addition to well-considered silhouettes, thorough construction, as well as experimental reinterpretations.

P.L.N. is based on a traditional understanding of the body, but is not limited to a particular gender or sexuality.

P.L.N. is one of the three recipients of CPHFW NEWTALENT supported by Circulose®, a 100% recycled material.


The joy of the garment, and what it can do to the one who wears it, is what drives P.L.N. That is why the brand tries to stay responsible and sustainable.

P.L.N. tries to be very thoughtful and take care of the clothes with sustainable initiatives within the design process and to the final item. From day one, P.L.N. has been a brand that is based on sustainable ideas as it also goes hand in hand with its aesthetics and thoughts about the future.

Right now the brand only works in “Made to order” method and will continue to work that way as it is good for the environment, but also because P.L.N. loves the craft of sewing clothes.

They will, as they have done from day one, continue to dive into the recycling of clothes and people will also see this in brand's future collections. P.L.N looks at old clothing materials, silhouettes and uses and utilizes it to their advantage.

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