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MWorks is a Parisian based laboratory brand that combines clothing and art projects, using sustainable solutions and innovations.


Each collection is a panorama of a multitude of respectful alternatives discovered in Europe during travels and networking over the past 3 years. Created in 2019, MWorks took its name from the letter “M” which is the common first letter of each initial founder.

The concept of the brand has been imagined as an open hub where artists, experts, manufacturers, start-up, and artisans are invited to work together and mix their visions and ideas. In a collective state of mind, MWORKS try to think and propose a fashion taking care of today and tomorrow.

Inspired by architecture, the evolution of modern ways of living and contemporary cultures’ blends, MWORKS creates menswear, combining hybrid and artisans details with playful proportions. Women, by the way, love to pick from this masculine chic wardrobe.


Before launching MWorks, the team embarked on an exploratory tour of Europe to discover sustainable and innovative solutions. From start-ups to historical manufacturers, there are plenty of talents in Europe with wonderful projects. These passionate men and women are shaping a new generation that strives every day to make fashion better.

MWorks endeavors to show a wide panorama of these solutions in each collection.

The environmental and social responsibilities are an integral component of the brand. Its desire and mission is to be the least harmful to the environment and its people by using responsibly-sourced natural fibers (cotton and wool) or recycled/upcycled synthetic fibers, limiting its carbon footprint with a European production whilst respecting ethical practices and preserving craftsmanship.

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