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A signature style of confident ease and cool femininity encapsulates the aesthetic of Malaikaraiss.

Founded in 2011 and based in Berlin, Malaikaraiss is a brand inspired by music, movies and art, explored through the founder's love of travelling the world. "We wanted to create a look that's playful but effortless, sophisticated but with a fun-feminine twist. A contemporary day to night collection full of emotions“ – Malaika Raiss

High-end fashion jewellery has become a major part of the collections, with Malaikaraiss acquired a license from Lucasfilm Limited, a Walt Disney Company to create a unique 30-piece STAR WARS themed jewellery collection in 2015.

Malaikaraiss' ready-to-wear and jewellery collections are stocked in the industries' most influential retailers such as Browns, KaDeWe, Voo Store and United Arrows, Journal Standard, Takashimaya, Magasin, BASE Miami.


Designed in Berlin and produced in Europe, the collections showcase the finest craftsmanship and materials. All jewelry is handmade in Germany by family-owned businesses and goldsmiths working on the highest level of industry standard using receycled gold only. Ready-to-wear is manufactured in Ukraine, a business owned and by a family based in Berlin. With a safe and fair work environment and paygrade for the 150, mostly female, employees. We visit the supplier every season to guarantee a transparent productionchain. Jersey is manufactured in Portugal, knits are handmade in Poland. Malaikaraiss sources their fabric with a sustainable approach. Everything is acid free dyed, non-toxic. The brand works a lot with recycled materials, using organic cotton and GOTS certified yarns. Most of the fabrics and yarns originate from Italy and Japan, with silk bought from an eco supplier in China. Each supplier is asked for minimal waste packaging and the brand endeavours to avoid any plastic wraps. Following the brand's sustainability agenda Malaikaraiss have reduced their plastic packaging to less than 15%.

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