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Kerne.milk is an independent Copenhagen based brand founded in 2019.


Through their designs Kerne.milk seek to create unique pieces that compliments curves and enhances the natural shapes of the body. Our vision lies within our garments.

As a part of the fashion industry, Kerne.milk are determined to contribute to a more sustainable future by making garments in a high quality that can last longer. We truly believe in upcycling and by giving new life to already existing materials we seek to repurpose forgotten quality materials and create long love and lasting items.

Kerne.milk design clothes with a minimal waste policy and all our scrap styles are made from left over materials. To avoid waste of fabrics we collect cut offs from our production and use it for our one of a kind-pieces.


At Kerne.milk we truly believe that it is possible to create long loved and lasting clothes while having fun and being creative. We include deadstock materials and use cut offs from previous collections in our garments which keeps us innovative in the core of our design process. We create non-season-based garments which main purpose is to embrace the natural shapes and curves of the body.