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HOPE’s design aesthetic is honest and direct, with an uncompromising attitude to craftsmanship. We strongly believe that good design adds value to life.


HOPE creates contemporary, high-quality fashion, aimed to inspire and emphasize individual style, with an uncompromising attitude towards craftsmanship and attention to detail. HOPE wants to encourage everyone to explore the complete range, without being confined by old gender conventions. Placing style first and gender second.

“Fashion is all about personal expression and inclusion, but in many ways, it’s still restricted by old social constructions. We want to challenge those by bringing forward new perspectives and make space for diversity”, says Frida Bard, Creative Director at HOPE.

HOPE is a Swedish fashion brand with a passion for high-quality garments that inspire and emphasize individual style. In 2001, HOPE founders Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg launched their first collection.

Over the years, HOPE has received numerous awards and nominations and is today one of the leading fashion brands in Sweden. In 2016, Frida Bard took over as the new Head of Design. Sharing the founders’ passion for tailoring and utility, Frida continues to create iconic garments that make HOPE a diverse, contemporary voice and a creative force within fashion.


At HOPE both social and environmental sustainability is a priority, making conscious decisions regarding production and materials along with emphasizing the importance of circularity in all areas of the brand.

In addition, HOPE is replacing the previous pre-collections with a wider main collection in four individual drops where the objective is ready-to-wear, functional, and sustainable fashion.

Read more about Hope's dedication to sustainability.

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