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Holzweiler is a family business, Oslo-based fashion house founded in 2012 by siblings Susanne and Andreas Holzweiler.

After running their own fashion agency for years, Holzweiler was founded in the spirit of curiosity and craftsmanship, with the aim to make good fashion that can stand the test of time.
The first collection made of silk scarfs designed in collaboration with the famous Norwegian stencil and street art artist, Martin Whatson. In July 2014, Holzweiler expanded their creativity to the next level and launched a Ready-To-Wear line for both women and men with Design Director Maria Skappel Holzweiler on board.

The family’s strong passion for art, architecture, nature and contemporary culture, has resulted in numerous collaborations since then. Among others they have been collaborating with creatives such as Snöhetta architects, The Munch Museum, HBX Hong Kong, Poet Alexander Fallo, chef Hellstrøm, singer Emilie Nicolas, knit wear brand Skappel, yoga brand Run&Relax, Hotel Amerikalinjen, artist Ali Gallefoss, vegan movement Wild & The Moon and concept store Colette in Paris.

Today Holzweiler has grown to become an international fashion house with own flagship stores, leading retailers and prestigious department stores worldwide.


Holzweiler believe that a contemporary fashion brand today requires a large amount of thoughtfulness and responsibility, both in terms of environmental footprint and how we work with our supply-chain, ensuring good conditions for everyone involved. We are constantly making efforts to improve and progress and have made some high goals for ourselves for 2030. At Holzweiler the brand keeps a sustainable mindset as the foundation of everything. The approach followed is to keep as simple as possible to keep on track in complicated and many-layered field that sustainability is. Our focus therefore is evolving around reducing, reusing and repairing.

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