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H&M is a fashion brand, offering the latest styles and inspiration. H&M aims to combine quality and sustainability for both our customers and the environment.

H&M is a design driven, innovative fashion brand offering everyone the chance to explore their personal style. H&M always aims to offer the very best combination of fashion, quality, price and sustainability with inspirational collections for women, men and children. Customers will find everything from unique designer collaborations to affordable wardrobe essentials, beauty products, sportswear and complete-the-look accessories. H&M is present throughout 74 markets worldwide, across major capital cities and regions around the world. Our global presence enables us to grow in each market while at the same time expand into new countries. But H&M is more than just fashion. With price, quality and sustainability deeply rooted in its DNA, H&M not only offers everyone great fashion collections, but also offers the chance to create a more sustainable fashion future.


H&M’s vision for sustainability is to lead the change towards circular and climate positive fashion while being a fair and equal company. The aim is to become fully circular, creating a sustainable fashion future.

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