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Fassbender’s sustainability vision is guided by a holistic approach and a technological-driven mission.


Fassbender is a Hamburg-based label that brings together the elegance of sophisticated tailoring, comfort, and functionality. Founded in 2017 by fashion industry veteran Christina Fassbender with her brother Sebastian Steinhoff, and designed by New York-based creative director Matthias Louwen, Fassbender is a friends and family business with a strong commitment to quality and responsibility. Fassbender pursues the bigger picture, looking for the latest innovations, welcoming new ideas and solutions. Believing, that quality, longevity and responsibility in luxury-design are the new modern.


Fassbender’s sustainability approach is guides by an innovative approach with smart engineering and a technological-driven mission. Because the key to fashionable-luxury are forward-thinking garments. We believe that quality, longevity, and responsibility in luxury-design are the new modern and all our products are built around cutting-edge industry technologies like 3D printed manufacturing, microbial dyeing, or technologically enhanced fabrics. Eliminating pesticides, chemicals, and toxins from the production process, while making use of alternative raw materials like cactus or sugar cane build the foundation of our company ethos.