(di)vision is a multi-disciplinary brand and design studio founded in late 2018 with the ideology of “creating from what already is”.


(di)vision works in multiple forms of sustainable fashion design and production - mainly in reconstructing, upcycling, cut-and-sew production and creative sourcing.

(di)vision’s unisex collections take inspiration from classic silhouettes with a conceptual and multifunctional DIY aesthetic. Using high quality deadstock fabrics discarded from exclusive designers and existing materials, (di)vision is reimagining how clothes is created.

The brands universe can be divided into two category’s, (di)vision and (di)construct. (di)construct is a one-of-one project working with upcycling and reconstructing, with everything made in their in-house studio and (di)vision working with larger scale production from deadstock fabrics.


(di)vision is founded on the principles of changing the way clothes are currently created and to rethink how to create clothes for the future. (di)vision is centered around using vintage and surplus clothes in their production - and to prolong the lifetime of each piece of fabric used.

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  • SS22 Runway

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