Day Birger et Mikkelsen

DAY PS22 13 1360

Curated pieces for the woman who knows what she wants and when she wants it.

Day Birger et Mikkelsen was founded in 1997 with the singular mission to offer women a new look and a sense of style based on Scandinavian virtues and a bohemian mindset. The brand is relaunching in 2021 aiming to take this same vision into a new era with one key message: “It’s a new Day”.

Christina Exsteen started a new chapter as creative director for the brand in March 2020. It was her personal declaration of love to a brand that deserved a revitalization and a relaunch. And so, when the world reopens in 2021, the designer will be ready with her take on how fashion should look and feel in the future.

“I am more than done with creating clothes for some idealised image that no woman can relate to or live up to.” says Christina Exsteen, whose debut collection for the brand will demonstrate her razor-sharp sense of how classic wardrobe staples should not only be updated, but also made functional and relevant beyond the current season.

“It no longer makes any sense to create clothes that intimidate women or leave us feeling ashamed about our body or our ordinary lives. The new Day celebrates the everyday life we all cherish. It is while we go about our daily activities that we want to walk tall, smile with our eyes and, most importantly, feel strong, sexy and alive.”