Anne Vest

Copenhagenfashionweek ANNEVEST Brand Image

Anne Vest is a nordic designer outerwear brand for the modern woman anchored in shaping, details an fine eco & nature materials.

A Nordic spirit anchored in design, Anne Vest surmises modern shaping and detailing, created in their Copenhagen atelier. For the brand, the production atelier represents the brands dedication to working with with artisans that understand the Anne Vest philosophy. Through an approach of production through exchange, the Anne Vest production team has grown with the brand, nurturing its aesthetics and technical aptitude.

With the Coat an item of clothing that Anne Vest fell deeply in love with while living in Paris, the debut collection was launched in Paris in 2010 which comprised 15 pieces centred on variations of the classic coat.

Anne Vest consistently collaborates with a family of inspirational muses, stylists and photographers that share the brand values of modern simplicity as foremost an attitude, who help capture the look and attitude of each season.


Anne Vest works every day to minimize their environmental impact, with animal welfare and sustainability causes the brand deeply believe in.