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Aeron sets out to seamlessly blend the timelessness of traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art design technologies, always filtered through the lens of a modern woman’s day-to-day.


The result is a knitwear-led collection of best-in-class staples that over time expands in range. It’s one where novelty still feels familiar against the backdrop of what’s come before. Sustained evolution over radical revolution.

Whether it’s across our seasonal range of standout fashion or throughout our ZERO line of core knitted staples, our ambition to become a responsible industry leader that doesn’t compromise on the impeccable quality of each of our garments has never changed. All of which is driven by the latest waste-reducing innovations and sustainable sourcing practices. Luxury as it was always meant to be.


Aeron’s guiding principle derives from a new understanding of luxury, one that is based on environmental sustainability, social awareness, and 100% local craftsmanship.

To actively invest in building the future of fashion towards the efforts of climate justice and climate peace, Aeron strives to apply the highest environmental and social standards across direct operations and supply chain, and to continuously empower their employees and partners to make conscious and responsible choices in their everyday professional and personal lives.

Collaboration, transparency and accountability are the brand’s guiding values to enable long-lasting and transformational change. Aeron’s mission is to become the responsible industry leader in the new luxury knitwear segment. To get there, the entire supply chain was transformed with a new ambitious strategy rooted in sustainable material innovation & zero-waste techniques.Read more about Aeron's dedication to sustainability.

Read more about Aeron's dedication to sustainability.

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