BLANCHE: For Women, by Women!

What has been the most remarkable change on the Danish fashion scene since you entered it?

Mette: On the positive side the awareness of Danish fashion have exploded since I started in the fashion industry and many Danish brands have lead the way and established a strong fundament for Danish design outside Scandinavia. When I started there was only a few well-known brands with international success now there is more than plenty.

On the more negative side the industry have changed a lot in a to me wrong direction. From being true to seasons and more quality oriented now there is no seasons, lower quality and too low price levels and the longevity of a garment is almost gone. Sadly the end consumer have developed a “more wants more” and a “use once and throw away” behavior that is really bad for our environment and is not going to work out in the long term for our planet. I hope that this will change back to a more regular behavior. If we all start to buy better qualities and recycle our old garment we can make a change.

Melissa: I think one of the most indicating factors has definitely been Instagram. Everyone can tell their own story and showcase their personal style. This has supported the Danish fashion scene to reach beyond the borders of our small country and catch the interest of influential people across the globe.


BLANCHE: For Women, by Women!
– aiming to bring more green and better made products to the world

Copenhagen Fashion Week SS19 is just around the corner and this time the show calendar will be opened by the sustainable and Copenhagen based brand BLANCHE. Behind BLANCHE stand two ambitious women, Creative Director Mette Fredin and Commercial Director Melissa Bech, whose main ambitions are to make the consumer make the right sustainable choices and provide them with personal style.

How would you describe the Danish fashion scene right now?

Mette: Emerging, all eyes are on the Scandigirl and the New Nordic look right now. I think what we do so unique here in Denmark is our way of dressing effortless and stylish at the same time. We can bike and look fashionably even when it rains. And of cause we have a great history and heritage of style with our Danish design and furniture’s that have gained the way for the rest of the industry. I also believe that this is just the start of a Scandinavian awareness there will be ongoing for a long period.

Melissa: It’s always difficult to describe what you are living in. Copenhagen has a global magnifying glass on it at the moment and everybody is talking about the scandi-style and “Danish it-girl”. Denmark and in particular Copenhagen-women have a very unique way of looking effortlessly cool. The women carry themselves with ease and are not afraid to mix all sorts of styles, patterns, eras etc. – and always with the “less is more” mind-set.

What was your first personal experience with Danish fashion?

Mette: Well I never really wanted to become a fashion designer it somehow just sneaked up on me. I think I been aware of colors and silhouettes since I was very little. I remember at the age of 5 sitting in my grandparents’ home and cutting dresses out of a fashion magazines and arranging them by colors. After this I started sketching and sewing my own garments inspired by fashion magazines. Both my grand moms where creative and maybe the both was my very first experience with fashion and designing.

Melissa: My father always wanted me to be an engineer, and when he finally realised this was not going to be the case, I got up the courage to start my first blog; Fashion Beyond Clothes. It started as more of a diary when I was living in NYC working for the renowned jewellery designer, Pamela Love. I loved keeping busy and spending countless hours browsing tumblrs, ebay, blogs, websites etc – through this I started developing personal taste and after that I was caught.

When developing a new collection – where do you find inspiration?

Mette: Everywhere and nowhere, for me personal, Inspiration never sleeps. So I’m always aware of and open to new inspiration. The easy ways for me to get inspired are through art, music, nature, people and travels. But emotions can also be a big inspiration.

Can you describe what you want to accomplish with BLANCHE? 

Mette: We want to make it easy for the end consumer to make the right choices and to make sustainability more fashionably. We believe in longevity of garments and that garments can last for more than one season. Quality is important and the making of the garment and the circumstances and surroundings they are made in matters.

By making all our basic products in organic and sustainably fabrics we hope we can make a small change in the industry. It’s not only us as a brand that need to change, it’s the hole industry. We believe that the future is green and even though Blanche means white in French we aim to bring more green and better made products to the world.

Melissa: Our main goal with Blanche is to inspire women. Simple. Our internal catchphrase is: for women, by women! We aim to create clothing that urges the constant development of personal style.