BLANCHE: Denim rainbow

TIME & DATE: Tuesday 7 August – 11.00
PLACE: Østergade 36-38
Words Sille Henning

This season’s official opening show was held by newcomer Blanche, a denim and ready-to-wear label focusing on sustainability, founded in 2017 by Melissa Bech and Mette Christensen.


The show was the label’s second, the first being last season but off schedule. Often you talk about ‘the difficult second’, however, with Blanche this was not the case. The show was on point and the collection enhancing what they do best; denim-inspired silhouettes, clean Scandinavian shapes, feminine but minimalistic tailoring, and a subdued colour palette, from pastels and faded burned nuances to classic non-colours and denim.


There were of course many variations of denim — worn inside-out or as a jacket worn back to front to emphasize its multifunctionality, cycling shorts in denim — and also denim-inspired silhouttes but in different fabrics like corduroy. There was also a more feminine and less sporty feel to the collection, where tailoring played a bigger part than before, such as in the navy pants with paper-bag waists or the simple beige dress with a new take on puff sleeves. Among the favourite looks was a frilled baby-blue coat with pale yellow corduroy pants and a logo denim fanny-pack, an oversize multi-coloured handknitted sweater, and  a light-pink neoprene sweatshirt with the ‘Blanche’ logo merc attached and mixed with loose-fitted jeans.

In itself the show was a major upgrade from the last, even though the location was the same. The guest list had grown substantially, and so had the model cast, which with it’s diversity

underlined the brand’s scope of embracing all women, from the Danish top model Nadja Bendner opening the show to hijab-wearing Amina Adan, curvy (and pregnant) Christine Sofie, and the mature Grethe Kaspersen, among others. Something that makes the brand stand out and relevant in today’s fashion scene.

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