Vogue Germany Series x CPHFW x Creative Denmark: GANNI


As part of a four part series with Vogue Germany and Creative Denmark, Ganni take Copenhagen Fashion Week on a tour of the studio and discuss why sustainability is a core focus for their vision.

Copenhagen Fashion Week has partnered up with Vogue Germany and Creative Denmark to create a four part video series celebrating the creative design talent that make up the Copenhagen Fashion Week schedule, and explore how craft, sustainability and collaboration are key tenets to their practice.

Vogue Germany Interview with Ganni

When did you start your label and how?
We took over GANNI back in 2009 from a good friend of ours, who ran an art gallery and originally set it up in 2000 as a cashmere knits side hustle. I got into it quite organically, by designing a pair of shoes that became a hit in the Copenhagen fashion scene. My husband Nicolaj joined me, only on the precondition that we would create an international brand with Copenhagen as the starting point. I remember feeling there was something missing on the fashion scene. I just wanted to create something that reflected the way my friends and I dress.

What is your signature style?
I don’t really have a signature style. It’s very instinctive. I like to go with my gut when it comes to dressing. Anything that makes me feel good and is effortless and fits in with my day- from biking to meetings to dinner with friends.

What is Scandinavian about your label?
Back when we started in 2009 there were two predominant views of Scandinavian style; boho chic and the Scandinavian minimalism. I just didn’t relate any of that to my own style, or the way my friends dressed. So we decided to create GANNI, full of contrasts and personality. It’s what we call Scandi style 2.0

What is special about Copenhagen Fashion Week?
It’s such a special time to come together and celebrate our hometown and all our talented friends. The fashion world has really started to look at Copenhagen fashion week, at how it is leading the way in being one of the most sustainable fashion weeks. It feels a lot more laidback and effortless than other fashion week’s. We love showing people to our city and curating a unique experience - even if that is digitally this year and that’s really special.

To what extent do you work sustainably?
We’re on a journey to become a more responsible version of ourselves because we want to do better every day. Last year, we launched our Responsibility Gameplan, made up of 44 Goals across People, Planet, Product, and Prosperity to reach by 2023. It really helps us focus on taking a holistic approach across everything we do. We’re so happy that our latest collection uses 70+ certified organic or recycled materials but we want to keep looking forward and do better. We want to launch a collection with 100% responsible materials in the near future.

What does the fashion industry need to address next in terms of sustainability?
I think you’ve really got to put it out there that you want to do better and be open - even when you get things wrong. It would be so easy for a brand to just launch a capsule responsible collection and call it a day but for us it is about putting out our goals, achievements and our wrong turns to keep us on track. You can follow our journey over at our @Ganni.lab instagram.

If you were not a designer, what would you have become?
When I was younger I loved football and always dreamt of being a football player! It really taught me about never taking your eye off the ball and teamwork!