Through The Lens Q&A: The Streetland

Copenhagenfashionweek The Streetland blog

Copenhagen street style blog The Streetland is driven by the digital designer and photographer Bryndis Thorsteinsdottir and captures fashion moments and unique style in the streets of Europe.

How did you get into street style photography?

I bought my first camera just 3 years ago, for the purpose of documenting the design process of my thesis I was making at that time. I have always been into fashion, and it has been a part of my life for many years as a fashion designer. I am also very curious by nature, so I decided to portray people on the streets in different countries in Scandinavia. That I did for a half a year, and then I decided to take my camera with me to fashion week and shoot some street style which I have been doing since.

What does Copenhagen Fashion Week mean to you, summed up?

Copenhagen Fashion Week is a week filled with a lot of impressions, creative atmosphere and dynamics that I haven’t experienced elsewhere. Even though it is a busy week, I find it very inspiring and I get to experiment and try new things out, which makes me become a better photographer.

What is on the landscape for street style as a photographic medium? Do you think it will evolve?

If the digital media continues to grow as fast as it has in the last few years, I think street style photography will become even bigger. It is a creative scene, and it is interesting to see all the different approaches among the photographers. So the future of street style photography will only become more interesting.

"For me street style photography is about capturing moments, dynamics and intimacy between people. It is not only about the clothes, but the creative atmosphere. I try to express this in my work during Copenhagen Fashion Week."

What do you love about Copenhagen Fashion Week?

Simplicity is a difficult art to master, but that is something Danes do pretty well. Their approach is authentic and laid back, yet innovative and fresh. I love how the looks are put together in a way that you get an ‘aha’ experience, and often think ‘Why haven’t I thought about this before’. There is a lot of personality on the streets during Copenhagen Fashion Week, as there seems to be room for mixing design brands with, for instance, a garment from the grandmother wardrobe.